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At Bearco Training, we strive to be Louisiana’s premier reality-based training company providing practical defensive shooting and tactical skills for the everyday person. We target our training to the responsible person who has a strong interest in home defense or personal defense in the public space…wanting to protect those you care about. We offer a variety of defensive shooting courses for the novice to the advanced. We also offer Louisiana’s concealed handgun permit certification course as well as the CCW certification course for other states.


PDN Training Talk – A Breakdown of the White Settlement, TX Church Active Shooting
PDN Training Talk: Personal Defense for the Holidays
PDN Training Talk: Concealed Carry, Guns, Cover Garments, and Training Considerations
PDN Training Talk: Awareness, Workspace, and other Cliches in the Gun Industry
Processing Information Before, During, and After a Defensive Shooting

Processing Information Before, During, and After a Defensive Shooting

“Everything an officer does takes time. It takes time to perceive that a threat level has changed and it takes...
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PDN Training Talk: The AR15 Defensive Carbine
PDN Training Talk: Tasers, Pepper Spray, and More.
PDN Training Talk: Reality Based Training
PDN Training Talk: Interacting with Law Enforcement While Carrying a Firearm
LA 2019 Reg Flag Bill Defeated

LA 2019 Reg Flag Bill Defeated

There has been a trend nationally to bring red flag legislation that expands the circumstances that law enforcement can strip...
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