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    • Expedited CHP for Domestic Violence Victims

      Too many times I’ve had students or friends that were involved in serious cases of domestic violence. Unfortunately, not all of them are still here today. Proof shows that the most dangerous time for the victim is at the time the attacker has been served with a protective order. This is often the trigger of

    • My Kid Would Never Do That: Gun Safety

      Dateline NBC recently did a series called “My Kids Would Never Do That” including one episode on gun safety. This was a non-biased video on setting your kids up for success in not having an incident involving playing with firearms. If you are a parent (or grandparent) of young kids or teens, then you owe

    • Home Defense Tip: Flashlight Lanyard

      I recommend having a lanyard on your home defense flashlight for better usability, but having an efficient one is key. Our latest youtube video is up with an easy answer.