About Us

As Louisiana’s premier reality-based training company, Bearco Training specializes in providing practical defensive shooting skills and tactics for everyday people.

As founder and full-time instructor, Barret Kendrick has dedicated himself and company to provide realistic defensive training to those interested in self-defense and armed professionals. Throughout his region and nationally, he works with hundreds of students annually in defensive shooting, force-on-force training and state certifications. Barret also works as a staff instructor with I.C.E. Training, a contributor for the Personal Defense Network, and master instructor for the USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Certified Instructor course.

Barret serves as the vice-president on the board of the Louisiana Shooting Association, where his focus is firearm related legislation here in Louisiana.

Barret carries numerous instructor-level certifications for defensive shooting, conducted energy weapons,  range operations and safety, LE range/shoothouse operations, scenario-based force-on-force training and active shooter response.

We are excited to have Paul Strickland join our instructor team. Paul is an avid shooter, certified instructor and has almost a decade of full-time law enforcement experience. – In Valor There Is Hope.