About Us

Barret Kendrick is the founder and lead instructor of Bearco Training and Defender School. Bearco Training is a firearms education and consulting company that was established in 2009 to provide realistic defensive training to those interested in personal defense and active shooter response. Defender School was established to form security relationships with educational facilities, houses of worship, and businesses to help prepare for the worst-case scenario of an active killer through online and in-person training. Throughout his region and nationally, Barret works in-person with hundreds of students annually in defensive shooting, force-on-force training, state certifications and instructor development.

Barret also works as a Staff Instructor with I.C.E. Training, Master Instructor for the USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals program, Master Instructor for Taser Conducted Energy Weapons, and as an established contributor for the Personal Defense Network, where he is the co-host of the monthly live Personal Defense Network Training Talk Show.

As the elected Vice-President of the Louisiana Shooting Association, Barret has written, co-written, and/or testified on numerous firearm, concealed carry, and use of force related bills in the Louisiana Legislature that have become law.

Barret carries numerous instructor-level, and master instructor level, certifications for defensive shooting, range operations and safety, LE range/shoot house operations, scenario-based force-on-force training, Taser conducted energy weapons, and active shooter response.