Summer Training Instructor Development Courses

The 2018 summer has come to an end and it has been quite the ride. We finished out the summer in the Birmingham, AL area teaching a defensive handgun course but most of the summer was about instructor development courses teaching students from around the country. From the west coast to the east coast, students came to the hot Las Vegas desert for an I.C.E. Training Defensive Firearms Coach course and put in some hard work over the very long three days. After finishing here, we took the training back on the road for another DFC course in [...]

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Personal Defense Network Training Talk – Kids and Guns

As a firearms instructor, I enjoy getting our youth involved in shooting and teaching them about firearm safety. As a father of two young boys, I'm very deliberate in how I raise them around guns and keep them responsibly in our home. Here are some of my thoughts in a previously recorded live video with Grant Cunningham and the Personal Defense Network. What are your thoughts on the topic? PDN TRAINING TALK: MAY 3, 2018  

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Guest speaker at the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo

I was happy to be invited to speak at the United States Concealed Carry Association's annual event, which took place in Louisville, KY this year. I spoke on Armed Home Defense and put a focus on a plan being much more than having a gun! If our ultimate goal is to keep ourselves and loved ones safe during a break-in, then we have to make sure our choices are not only helping us reach that goal but are also keeping the risk level as low as we can. Are you a member of the USCCA? [...]

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Concealed Carry in Louisiana Churches MUST KNOW for Concealed Carry in Louisiana Churches With an increase in violence in churches, I'm getting more and more inquiries about church security teams and concealed carry in churches. Please note that this video is only discussing the requirements under our permit law, but a security plan is so much more than letting someone carry a gun. Please reach out to us for help or training. Our statute in LA that covers the concealed handgun permit is: LA R.S. 40:1379.3 Subsection U covers the church's authority to allow certain people to carry concealed. U.(1) The [...]

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Expedited CHP for Domestic Violence Victims

Too many times I've had students or friends that were involved in serious cases of domestic violence. Unfortunately, not all of them are still here today. Proof shows that the most dangerous time for the victim is at the time the attacker has been served with a protective order. This is often the trigger of violence. If you have an identified violent threat in your life, then waiting up to six months for the concealed handgun permit is way too long. We don't need any more proof of how much time matters. During the 2016 Louisiana legislative session, [...]

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My Kid Would Never Do That: Gun Safety

Dateline NBC recently did a series called “My Kids Would Never Do That” including one episode on gun safety. This was a non-biased video on setting your kids up for success in not having an incident involving playing with firearms. If you are a parent (or grandparent) of young kids or teens, then you owe it to them to spend the 40 minutes watching the free episode. Those who have trained with me in courses that cover access prevention, know how strongly I feel on the topic. As gun owners, we have a responsibility to prevent access to [...]

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