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Depending on Others for Protection

A real truth is we cannot count on others to protect us if we face danger. Take a look at this video where I highlight some of these points.

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Psychological Stops

It is very important that we train and practice with the worst case in mind. You might get lucky by stopping a threat psychologically, but that is certainly not something you can depend on.  

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Home Defense 360

Bearco Training is excited to announce the release of our Home Defense 360 (or HD360) course. The Home Defense 360 course is designed to educate the student about all aspects of home defense and how to respond efficiently to an intruder when other family members are present throughout the home. This 8-10 hour training course will give you the knowledge to make your home more secure and your family safer to an intruder. We will start on the live-fire range and end the course running scenarios in our non-lethal training ammunition 360° shoot house. Role players are brought [...]

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2014 Summary of changes to LA Laws

Although the 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session is still in, the bills that Bearco Training has an interest in have come to an end. Here are the changes in an email format to share. I would like to thank those who were active during the 2014 session. The following bills have passed both the House and Senate. Unless vetoed by Governor Jindal (which is highly unlikely) they will become law on August 15th. If you click on the bill's pages, you may view how the house and senate voted on these. If your representative or senator supported these bills, [...]

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Raising children in a world of guns: accidents are preventable

As parents, we are all concerned with the safety of our children. I know that I'm responsible with my firearms, but many others aren't. Here is our latest Personal Defense Network article for your reading and sharing. Raising children in a world of guns: accidents are preventable

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