Home Defense Tip: Flashlight Lanyard

I recommend having a lanyard on your home defense flashlight for better usability, but having an efficient one is key. Our latest youtube video is up with an easy answer.

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WWL Radio Interview (more females gun owners)

We were recently interviewed by WWL Radio about more and more females getting involved with shooting. The original interview aired on 01/28/15, but here is a recap of what we spoke about.

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SWAT Roundup International

I recently returned from Orlando, FL where I was teaching as an adjunct to I.C.E Training in the SWAT Roundup International event. This annual event brings operators from around the globe together for learning. I was encouraged by the mentality of the attending officers wanting to better themselves and the teams they serve with. Many officers were repeat students showing their excitement with the CFS/CFC program. Thank you to all the officers who filled the classes and I hope you had a great time with the competition.  

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Depending on Others for Protection

A real truth is we cannot count on others to protect us if we face danger. Take a look at this video where I highlight some of these points.

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Psychological Stops

It is very important that we train and practice with the worst case in mind. You might get lucky by stopping a threat psychologically, but that is certainly not something you can depend on.  

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