2014 Summary of changes to LA Laws

Although the 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session is still in, the bills that Bearco Training has an interest in have come to an end. Here are the changes in an email format to share. I would like to thank those who were active during the 2014 session. The following bills have passed both the House and Senate. Unless vetoed by Governor Jindal (which is highly unlikely) they will become law on August 15th. If you click on the bill's pages, you may view how the house and senate voted on these. If your representative or senator supported these bills, [...]

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Raising children in a world of guns: accidents are preventable

As parents, we are all concerned with the safety of our children. I know that I'm responsible with my firearms, but many others aren't. Here is our latest Personal Defense Network article for your reading and sharing. Raising children in a world of guns: accidents are preventable

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Dynamic Focus Shooting: The origin

Here are some notes from the program founder, Rob Pincus Combat Focus® Shooting: The Origin & Early Development The Combat Focus® Shooting program is an intuitive shooting program designed to help the student be more efficient in the context of a dynamic critical incident. “CFS” is the flagship program of I.C.E. Training Companyand the cornerstone of all the firearms instruction that I do. (CFS has a sister program, “Dynamic Focus™ Shooting”, that is taught by the same instructors and available as part of the curriculum at all Gander Mountain Academy locations around the United States.) The first edition of the Combat [...]

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Pepper Sprays

Although pepper spays are not an alternative when a threat requires the use of deadly force to be stopped, they do have their place as a defensive tool. When carried or staged properly, OC spray is a force multiplier designed to give you a few extra seconds to escape an attack. Pepper sprays can legally be carried in many environments where lethal tools cannot. Through research, Bearco Training has decided on Sabre Defensive Sprays as the only brand to offer our students. As a stocking dealer, we have decided on a select few models that offer the most [...]

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Mississippi Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit

House bill 506 was signed in to law by the governor of Mississippi. As of July 1st, 2011 the state allows a MS conceal carry permit holder to obtain an enhanced endorsement for their CHP permit. The endorsement gives the permit holder the ability to carry in places which were considered off limits in 45-9-101 (except for any police, sheriff or highway patrol station, or any detention facility, prison or jail). There is no extra fee or other paperwork required to obtain the enhanced status other than submitting proof of class completion.  With the normal Mississippi concealed carry [...]

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