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Processing Information Before, During, and After a Defensive Shooting

“Everything an officer does takes time. It takes time to perceive that a threat level has changed and it takes time to decide to stop shooting and to mechanically activate that decision. When officers are engaged in continuous rapid fire, as their training requires for defending their lives, the stopping [...]

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LA 2019 Reg Flag Bill Defeated

There has been a trend nationally to bring red flag legislation that expands the circumstances that law enforcement can strip someone of firearms. LA House Representative Carter sponsored such legislation for the second time this year. It was defeated in 2018 but he brought it back again this year as [...]

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Concealed Carry, Inc Live Broadcast at the 2019 USCCA Concealed Carry Expo

Deryck Poole and I joined Riley Bowman on the @concealedcarryinc live broadcast during the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo. We discuss the USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Instructor Course as well as fundamental defensive shooting concepts. https://www.facebook.com/concealedcarryinc/videos/336584947048453/

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Louisiana Shooting Association Annual Meeting – 2019

We had our 2019 Louisiana Shooting Association Annual Meeting today. After serving 1 year as an alternate board member, and the 2 most recent years as a full board member, I was up for re-election. I have been re-elected for another 2-year term. Most of my involvement with the LSA [...]

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Unarmed Response to an Active Shooter Event

School is back in session, but just before it started back, I spent a few days with the entire staff and faculty of a school in the area. My goal for the course was to prepare them to make better decisions and to leave them with a proactive plan they [...]

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Summer Training Instructor Development Courses

The 2018 summer has come to an end and it has been quite the ride. We finished out the summer in the Birmingham, AL area teaching a defensive handgun course but most of the summer was about instructor development courses teaching students from around the country. From the west coast [...]

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Personal Defense Network Training Talk – Kids and Guns

As a firearms instructor, I enjoy getting our youth involved in shooting and teaching them about firearm safety. As a father of two young boys, I'm very deliberate in how I raise them around guns and keep them responsibly in our home. Here are some of my thoughts in a [...]

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Guest speaker at the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo

I was happy to be invited to speak at the United States Concealed Carry Association's annual event, which took place in Louisville, KY this year. I spoke on Armed Home Defense and put a focus on a plan being much more than having a gun! If our ultimate goal [...]

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MUST KNOW for Concealed Carry in Louisiana Churches

https://youtu.be/sLyLXNgoBXQ With an increase in violence in churches, I'm getting more and more inquiries about church security teams and concealed carry in churches. Please note that this video is only discussing the requirements under our permit law, but a security plan is so much more than letting someone carry a [...]

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Expedited CHP for Domestic Violence Victims

Too many times I've had students or friends that were involved in serious cases of domestic violence. Unfortunately, not all of them are still here today. Proof shows that the most dangerous time for the victim is at the time the attacker has been served with a protective order. This [...]

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My Kid Would Never Do That: Gun Safety

Dateline NBC recently did a series called “My Kids Would Never Do That” including one episode on gun safety. This was a non-biased video on setting your kids up for success in not having an incident involving playing with firearms. If you are a parent (or grandparent) of young kids [...]

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Home Defense Tip: Flashlight Lanyard

I recommend having a lanyard on your home defense flashlight for better usability, but having an efficient one is key. Our latest youtube video is up with an easy answer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8QfZVp5Jc0

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WWL Radio Interview (more females gun owners)

We were recently interviewed by WWL Radio about more and more females getting involved with shooting. The original interview aired on 01/28/15, but here is a recap of what we spoke about. http://www.wwl.com/Women-increasingly-getting-into-the-gun-market/20806751

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SWAT Roundup International

I recently returned from Orlando, FL where I was teaching as an adjunct to I.C.E Training in the SWAT Roundup International event. This annual event brings operators from around the globe together for learning. I was encouraged by the mentality of the attending officers wanting to better themselves and the teams they [...]

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Depending on Others for Protection

A real truth is we cannot count on others to protect us if we face danger. Take a look at this video where I highlight some of these points. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfnDjdTXjdo

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Psychological Stops

It is very important that we train and practice with the worst case in mind. You might get lucky by stopping a threat psychologically, but that is certainly not something you can depend on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbpynGNfayY  

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Home Defense 360

Bearco Training is excited to announce the release of our Home Defense 360 (or HD360) course. The Home Defense 360 course is designed to educate the student about all aspects of home defense and how to respond efficiently to an intruder when other family members are present throughout the home. [...]

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2014 Summary of changes to LA Laws

Although the 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session is still in, the bills that Bearco Training has an interest in have come to an end. Here are the changes in an email format to share. I would like to thank those who were active during the 2014 session. The following bills have [...]

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Raising children in a world of guns: accidents are preventable

As parents, we are all concerned with the safety of our children. I know that I'm responsible with my firearms, but many others aren't. Here is our latest Personal Defense Network article for your reading and sharing. Raising children in a world of guns: accidents are preventable http://www.personaldefensenetwork.com/raising-children-world-guns/

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Dynamic Focus Shooting: The origin

Here are some notes from the program founder, Rob Pincus Combat Focus® Shooting: The Origin & Early Development The Combat Focus® Shooting program is an intuitive shooting program designed to help the student be more efficient in the context of a dynamic critical incident. “CFS” is the flagship program of I.C.E. Training Companyand [...]

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Pepper Sprays

Although pepper spays are not an alternative when a threat requires the use of deadly force to be stopped, they do have their place as a defensive tool. When carried or staged properly, OC spray is a force multiplier designed to give you a few extra seconds to escape an [...]

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Mississippi Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit

House bill 506 was signed in to law by the governor of Mississippi. As of July 1st, 2011 the state allows a MS conceal carry permit holder to obtain an enhanced endorsement for their CHP permit. The endorsement gives the permit holder the ability to carry in places which were [...]

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Fundamentals for Personal Carry

Bearco Training recognizes the training gap between new shooters and traditional defensive shooting courses. We are now offering a six hour instruction block on defensive handguns for personal carry. Our intro course is great for someone who has obtained a permit for concealed carry or who keeps a firearm for [...]

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Corporate Training Events

Educate and motivate employees with life-saving defensive firearm skills. From group concealed carry permit certification courses to force on force scenario based training, come join Bearco with a day of shooting.

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