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On the first Thursday of each month, the Personal Defense Network Training Talk show will be airing live at 8PM Central time.  has two new faces as well as a new interactive format. What hasn’t changed it is still the show to watch for reliable and responsible self-defense information! This show will talk about you, your life, and how to protect it. Deryck and Barret, as well as their guests, will cover defensive shooting, unarmed self-defense, home defense, training tips, and much more.

You will not find politics, conspiracy theories, only the most up to date information you can use right now to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. If you’ve been looking for rational and reasoned commentary about all aspects of self-defense and personal safety, Training Talk is the show for you!

Join us live at 6:pm Pacific/9:pm Eastern or feel free to watch it here anytime after the show airs.

PDN Training Talk: Awareness, Workspace, and other Cliches in the Gun Industry

There are many cliches and sayings when it comes to personal defense training. Some are misapplied/misunderstood, and some need to stop being used altogether. Join Deryck Poole of Echo Five Training and Barret Kendrick of [...]

October 1st, 2019|

PDN Training Talk: Interacting with Law Enforcement While Carrying a Firearm

Join Deryck Poole and Barret Kendrick at 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern on Thursday, June 6th for their discussion with special guest Jamie Onion. Jamie is a career law enforcement officer and instructor in the [...]

June 6th, 2019|