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by Michael Brooks on Bearco Training
CC Renewal

Used Bearco 5 yrs ago for my initial permit, so returning for my renewal course was a no brainer. Barret is an excellent and patient instructor, as well as always up to date on the goings on in Baton Rouge on anything related to gun ownership. I absolutey recommend Bearco to those interested in getting their concealed carry permit.

by James Goertzen on Bearco Training
CCW training

I have used Bearco for my initial and renewal. I like his professionalism and attention to safety. His no-nonsense control of the class and safety is is commendable. Highly recommended.

by Tony on Bearco Training
Defensive Focus Handgun

This was my second time taking this course. You will quickly progress through the indispensable mindset and marksmanship skills required in a critical self defense situation. Barret does an outstanding job!

by Brett on Bearco Training

Very knowledgeable, professional, and informative. Class was presented in an interesting manner. Barrett seemed truely concerned about teaching his class the proper methods for concealed carry. I would highly recommend his company.

by T.Martin on Bearco Training
Defensive Focus Carbine

Just when you felt pretty comfortable with your rifle, Barett will quickly show there's lots more to learn! Highly recommended!

by Matthew on Bearco Training
Conceal Carry Class

Great class! Barett is very professional and has a ton of acknowledge on handguns and the law, and more importantly how to understand the laws. He made everything simple to understand and kept the class interesting. If you are wondering where to take your conceal and carry class, go to Bearco!

by Dan on Bearco Training
Intro to Defensive Handgun

Simply outstanding! Barret's training methodology, interaction with the students and ability to make the course incredibly fun is right on. Highly recommend this course to not only potential/first time handgun owners, but experienced owners as well. This course is perfect for men and women searching for an effective and fun way to learn about the appropriate handgun for their personal defense and defense of their family, how to handle their handgun safely, how to safeguard their handgun in their home and how to apply the fundamentals of defensive shooting when it counts the most, to list a few. I learned more in this one-day course about effective pistol shooting at close range than I did in over ten years of firearms training through the U.S. Military (active duty). Phenomenal course.

by Janine Newman-duRabb on Bearco Training
Comprehensive-Incredibly Well Taught!

BearCo Training is the most professional, comprehensive weapons training available!I highly recommend Barret Kendrick as an instructor - his manner is easy yet confident, his knowledge and expertise builds confidence and trains with the highest of standards.With limited range practice from many years ago, I decided to search online for training available. The website is informative, easily navigated and polished.After pouring over the website, I had lots of questions and all were completely, clearly and patiently explained by Barrett Kendrick (owner/instructor) when I contacted him by phone and text.Once I'd chosen the training course(s) to schedule, the registration process was quick and effortless.Detailed description of the three courses we took:Sessions we attended:1. I scheduled a private session (3hrs) for myself and my husband which comprehensively covered basic defensive handgun protocols including range practice and weapons safety, we also asked for basic long rifle training (carbine, semi-automatic)...**This session gave us the opportunity to learn and discuss in detail every aspect of training.It's important to note that the Private Session training course can consist of one of various other courses taught2. I scheduled the more comprehensive Defensive Focus Carbine training course (8 hrs) as we had purchased an AR-15....recognizing the need for safe, complete training...This course more than delivers!It was great to have a gathering of people to train with and Barrett's approach is very focused - basics are covered and he continues with drills that build and combine skills very smoothly. We learned to fire by distance, in different stances, transitioning from standing positions both moving and in place to sitting, kneeling, squatting (easier than you might think, ladies!)**By day's end, I felt very comfortable and competent handling a long rifle, with personal defense and safety always a priority.3. I scheduled the Concealed Carry class.Practical handgun/safety at the range followed by an incredibly interesting classroom session. Our group was approx a dozen or so people. I appreciated the differences in our personal priorities for taking the class and it helped us to gain more information as scenarios were presented throughout the day, incorporated into the expertly designed course agenda. A lot of material was covered, again, superbly taught by Barret.Clearly, the course has required guidelines to be met within the scope of the class and Barret was knowledgeable, thorough and patient - wanting to be certain everyone completely and clearly understood. We covered the process to apply, the laws governing conceal carry in both LA and nationwide, consequences, intentions and duties of a conceal carry permit holder as well, in addition to many other items required.**I left the class with clear knowledge and confidence in the requirements for conceal carry and my responsibility as a future conceal carry permit holder.

by Michael on Bearco Training
A perfect 2 days

The class I took was the 2 day 360 class. The quality of the training was as excellent as the focus on safety. If you are serious about improving your shooting, observation, and decision making skills this is the class for you. You will learn what to do and exactly why you should do it. The reps you do merge into to force on force training very well. Bottom line any class Barrett teaches will make you better equipped to properly handle yourself and your firearm

by Trey Bates on Bearco Training
Defensive carry 360

I took the Defensive Carry 360 class on 2/27 and 2/28It was fantastic. If you find yourself in the south Louisiana area Barret is definitely one to look up. He's a very competent and intelligent instructor. Very well spoken and articulate. The kind of guy that when he talks, you listen. I can't say enough great things about his training and his methods of teaching. We also had Deryck Poole of Echo5 training (Florida) there to help out so it was just that much better.Day 1 was skill building on the fundamentals and getting our core concepts "in tune". His way like any instructor was unique. Their attention to detail was fantastic. Barret is VERY big on range safety and gun safety in general which was nice. We knew that we were there to be taught and to apply these skills. Not to goof around and play which I liked. We spent 8 hours on the range shooting about 500 live rounds. Then at the end of the day we had a GREAT lecture on after the fight and other important things to that effect.Day 2 was force on force training with non lethal training ammo. The shoot house that Barret has is great and once again his attention to detail and safety make it a place you want to be and a place you want to train. The scenarios were realistic and applied to real life in a great way. Really made you think. This was my first time doing force on force training and I know it won't be my last. Covering everything from staying alive in general to making sure you're contacting the proper authorities and giving them accurate info after the fight.In closing, it's a great training facility with a great instructor. I recommend anyone from the first time shooter to the seasoned gunman to take some sort of class from him if possible.

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