Armed Defense Around Vehicles

Cars and Trucks are ubiquitous in our society. Chances are that you spend time in one just about everyday and have one or more near you almost all of the time, especially in public. Learning how to specifically fight from within and around vehicles is something that every armed person should do after establishing their fundamentals. This course will cover the use of a pistol. While not pre-requisites, it is suggested that students take DFS, and DC360/APH Courses prior to ADAV to get the most out of it.

Topics Covered:

  1. Review of Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting
  2. Cover vs. Concealment, with demos.
  3. Shooting through automotive glass, (with students shooting their guns/ammo)
  4. Shooting through vehicles (various areas, students’ guns/ammo)
  5. Using Vehicles as cover while engaging threats.
  6. Engaging a Threat that is Using a Vehicle as cover.
  7. Fighting from within a Vehicle.
  8. Using a vehicle as a defensive Tool.
  9. Other topics driven by student questions, context and gear.

Minimum Gear:

  1. Pistol w/ 3 magazines & holster
  2. 250 pistol rounds
  3. small amounts of defensive ammunition that the student wants to shoot through vehicle.

Course Fee:$300

Open to:
General Public / Law Enforcement / Military / Private Security