It is no secret that facing repeated life-threatening violence could lead to premature death, so learning through experience is unattractive for most people. What if we could gain experience in a much more controlled environment?

One way to simulate the stress that comes from real world violence is using high-level scenario training to elicit a fear response from the student. This allows us to evaluate a student’s ability to apply the skills which have previously been taught by us. Also, using this experiential learning process, the brain can be programmed to respond more efficiently to an encounter similar to which is happening during a scenario.

During the scenarios, we use role players and firearms capable of firing non-lethal marking cartridges. By using non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA), we are no longer limited by the students’ knowledge that their paper target is not shooting back.

Military and law enforcement training has recognized force-on-force training is imperative in preparing students for the violence of this world and this modern training is now available to the general public through Bearco Training.

We were Louisiana’s first approved facility for law enforcement, military, and civilians through Simunition. Through partnerships in the industry, we offer our training with latest and greatest ammunition, conversion kits, and personal protection equipment available on the market today.

At our Covington, LA facility, we have a non-lethal 360° scenario house to simulate the environment of your home or office and another area for vehicle use.

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