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Home Defense 360


You were just awoken to your alarm sounding, your dogs are barking and now your child is screaming on the other side of the home. Life just became pretty chaotic at this point and it has no simple solution. With about one home intrusion every 13 seconds in the US, it is important for the safety of our family that we have a proper plan in place.

The Home Defense 360 course is designed to educate the student about all aspects of home defense and how to respond efficiently to an intruder when other family members are present throughout the home. The course is designed to teach you how to think, not shoot.

This course is taught in two phases, one day each. The second phase is not mandatory, but it recommended. Phase one is a prerequisite before moving forward.

Phase one consists of a classroom section with live fire on the range.
Topics covered:

  • Increasing physical security of your home
    • Including doors, locks and windows
  • Home Defense Fundamentals
    • Principles that can be applied under many different situations
  • Preventing a confrontation
  • Staging firearms
  • Interacting with police
  • Cover,  concealment & working angles
  • Moving to family members safely
  • Movement to Cover & Evasion

Required Gear for Phase 1

  • handgun
  • 3 magazines
  • holster
  • 300 rounds ammo

Phase two includes a force-on-force reality-based training component that will provide you with the opportunity to test your skills learned during the first phase. How well will you be able to apply those skills in a real life scenario involving role players and non-lethal paint marking cartridges in a realistic 360° shoot house.

Phase two topics:

  • We will briefly overview phase one principles
  • Low Light Basics
  • Working with doorways, windows, exposures
  • Each student will be ran through multiple scenarios

Required Gear:

  • Flashlight
  • Long pants and a long sleeve shirt for the scenario session.

We will be using non-lethal training ammunition during this phase. The NLTA converted firearms, ammo and required personal protection equipment will be provided and is included in the price of the course.

Course Fee:
Phase 1 $250
Phase 2 $250
Discounted rate when signing up for both: $400