New and Renewal Concealed Carry Permit Certification Course

Louisiana has a state-mandated training course for most people applying for a concealed handgun permit. By law, this training is required to be at least 9 hours. Our 10-hour Introduction to Concealed Carry and Permit Certification course gives you the certification needed to apply for, or renew, a concealed handgun permit in Louisiana, a concealed weapon permit (CCW) in Florida, or for the enhanced permit in Mississippi. If you are a resident of Louisiana, you need a LA CHP to conceal carry a handgun here. With a LA concealed carry permit, you are authorized to carry a handgun concealed in 38 states.

We offer this course in both the traditional in-person format, as well as an online e-learning concealed carry certification course. With the online course, you can take the course on your own time and at your own pace through video lessons. After completing the online CHP course, you are then eligible to come out in person for the shooting qualification to complete your certification. The shooting requirement can be completed with Bearco Training, or soon with other designated LA certified instructors throughout the state.

We have a free online course available to help you through the application process.


This permit also helps travelers going through states we have a reciprocity agreement with to have a loaded gun in the vehicle. It is against the law in some states (Like Alabama and Tennessee) to have a loaded gun in the vehicle without a permit.

This course is not a learn how to shoot course, it’s more of a learn how not to shoot course. We do cover shooting fundamentals in this course, but it is mandatory that you have some prior knowledge and shooting experience before signing up for our ICC course. Louisiana does have a shooting qualification requirement, and it’s this that mostly makes up the time at the range.  Our Intro to Defensive Handguns course is a much better option for learning how to use firearms defensively as a new student. We also offer private training sessions that better prepare students for concealed carry. Please contact us if you’re interested in signing up for this course and a private training session at a discounted rate.

Topics Include:

  • Safety
  • Defensive handgun types, nomenclature
  • Defensive firearms ammunition
  • Holsters and holster presentation
  • Awareness
  • Avoidance
  • De-Escalation
  • Should vs. Could
  • Louisiana’s laws on using force
  • Regulations surrounding the permit
  • Alternative force options
  • Storage and access prevention
  • Defensive shooting fundamentals
  • The importance of firearm cleaning
  • Concealed carry considerations
  • Aftermath of using a firearm in self-defense

Our location allows us to conveniently service Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, Hammond, Metairie, and the New Orleans areas.

Cost: $145. Price includes range fee.
There are other fees when applying for the permit with the state of Louisiana. Please see the LA State Police website for information on applicable fees.