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Introduction to Defensive Handguns

The Introduction to Defensive Handguns Course is designed to educate the student about the handguns that are best for personal defense and how to use them efficiently in the context of a home defense scenario. This course is designed for those new to firearms who are interested in learning specifically about using a handgun for personal defense. No firearms experience necessary.

Topics Covered:

  • Gun Safety
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  • Overview of defensive handgun types and which ones are best for personal defense
  • Fundamental Home Defense Tactics
  • Responsible Defensive Firearms Storage
  • Dealing with Law Enforcement Response and calling 911
  • “Home Defense” shooting situation

Required Gear:

  • Defensive handgun, loaners available on request
  • 200 rounds of ammunition (100 for revolver shooters)

Cost: $175

** Also available as a ladies only course.