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In a world where violence happens, we must be thankful that deadly force is rarely the necessary answer. Having a tool that is designed to be non-lethal could be extremely beneficial in many circumstances where a firearm isn’t the best tool for the desired resolution.

Taser energy weapons are designed to be an effective non-lethal tool to immobilize an attacker. The popular Pulse, Bolt II, and Taser 7 civilian versions of the widely used law enforcement devices from Axon, provide the same knock-down punch, but are designed specifically for civilian self-defense. Taser also offers the security officer specific model, the Taser X1, and other models in the professional series.

Taser Benefits

  • Up to 30 seconds of muscular incapacitation
  • Designed to be non-lethal
  • Most states do not require a permit to own or carry
  • Effective up to 15 feet away from the attacker

As with any tool that is designed to be used in self-defense, it is important to receive training. Bearco instructor Barret Kendrick certified Master Instructor for Taser’s Civilian program. We offer courses both for security personnel and civilians wanting to own and carry one for self-defense. Certified by taser civilian trainer logo

Topics Covered

  • Taser nomenclature and terminology.
  • Model specifics and features
    • Tailored to Pulse, Pulse+, Bolt II, Taser 7, or X1 device
  • Maintenance and care of your device
  • Taser manipulation
  • The fundamentals of using a Taser
  • Live-fire exercises
  • While you will not be exposed to the electrical charge from a Taser during the course, you will fire them.

Open to:
General Public /  Private Security

Course Eligibility
No Prerequisites

Cost: $149