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Training Packages

We have put together packages for those interested in building skills related to personal defense. This may be the perfect answer for that special someone in your life. Each package will be limited to a small amount sold at any given time. All packages are priced per person.


New Shooter Concealed Carry Package

  • This training package is designed for the newer handgun shooter looking to build the skills necessary to become a responsible concealed handgun carrier.
  • Courses Included
    • Intro to Defensive Handguns ($175 value)
      • or up to 3 hour private training session m-f
    • Intro to Concealed Carry & Permit Certification ($150 value)
    • Defensive Focus Handgun (Take one day up to 2 times, $500 value)
    • Defensive Carry 360 ($400 value)
  • Free T-Shirt ($20 value)
  • Package fee: $600 (over a 50% savings)


New Shooter Home Defense Package

  • Designed for the newer shooter looking to build confidence and skills related owning, staging and using a gun for home defense
  • Courses included
    • Intro to Defensive Handguns (Take up to 2 times, $350 value)
      • or up to 3 hour private training session m-f
    • Home Defense 360 ($500 value for both phases)
      • Phase 1 & 2
  • Free T-Shirt ($20 value)
  • Package fee: $425 (a 50% savings)


Private Training Package

  • Designed for the individual looking for more one-on-one time with an instructor
  • Buy two 3hr training sessions and get the third for free
  • Each session will be on the range or inside the training facility for up to 3hrs
  • Private training sessions are only available Monday- Friday during normal business hours.
  • Package Fee: $350


The Ultimate Annual Training Package

  • This package is for those looking for ongoing training to increase their skills and abilities in using firearms efficiently during a home defense encounter or public environment violence. This gives you the freedom to pick and choose as many courses as you want to take over the next year.
  • The UATP is limited to a very small amount of memberships
  • Courses included
    • Intro to Defensive Handguns
    • Home Defense 360
    • Intro to Concealed Carry & Permit Certification
    • Defensive Focus Handgun (1 or 2 day)
    • Defensive Focus Rifle
    • Defensive Carry 360
    • Advanced Pistol Handling
    • Armed Defense Around Vehicles
  • Free T-Shirt ($20 value)
  • Also comes with a special gift
  • Package Fee: $1500